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Stock Up at Farmview Market on Your Next Trip to Madison


Headed to Madison for the annual Holiday Tour of Homes, November 30 through December 2? Make a small detour just south of I-20 to Farmview Market. You can have a delicious meal, take home prepared foods and stock up on your favorite Georgia groceries.

Each day, the staff at Farmview Market grinds Hickory King corn into delicious grits and cornmeal. You can watch the grist mill in operation through the window in the market’s grocery store. The corn comes from Rock House Farm in Leesburg, just north of Albany. Hickory King is an heirloom non-GMO variety and produces grits that are yellow with brown flecks. You can sample the grits in the market’s restaurant. Once you taste them, you’ll definitely want to take home a bag (or three). Be sure to follow the package directions. The step of combining the grits and water and letting them stand for a few minutes allows you to remove all the bits of chaff before you start the cooking. It’s genius. $2.99 per 16-ounce package.

Other featured products are Farmview Market meat sticks and Rock House Creamery chocolate milk.

And if you are headed to Madison on Saturday, Dec. 2, plan to stop by our holiday market.