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Rise n' Shine for Farmview's New Breakfast


Farmview Market welcomes the addition of breakfast with a local twist to its menu after previously only offering lunch.

Farmview Market decided to wait and do breakfast later on, rather than start on opening day, according to Marketing and Communications Manager Laura Rotroff, so that it could get the feel for the business and kitchen – and make sure everything on the morning menu was absolutely delicious before it served the first biscuit.

The market had originally planned on having breakfast, but delayed the launch until after the first months had settled. At first, some may suspect that the breakfast launch delay may cause a decrease in traffic, however, since school has been let out and summer is starting to begin, the restaurant has noticed a growth of breakfast traffic.
Rotroff said Farmview Market is unique in that the food is "higher quality than fast food and a majority of our menu is local."