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Plant Your Own Vegetables With Heirloom Seeds from Farmview Market


Summer is officially here! The warm, summer months are the prime opportunity to prepare your plots and seeds to get a vegetable garden ready for fall. An up-and-coming trend in vegetable gardening and cultivation is planting specific heirloom seeds for superior fruits and vegetables.

heirloom seeds

What does heirloom mean exactly? The term is used to indicate plants that have a traceable lineage and have been grown for many years. Some key attributes for heirloom vegetables are that they rely on natural pollinators like birds & insects , and they produce true-to-type offspring, generating identical traits with each harvest.

If you would like to diversify your home-garden with an assortment of heirloom vegetables, browse among our selection of heirloom seeds at Farmview Market!

heirloom seeds

Located in our grocer section, we have a lovely display of seed packets by Brim Seed Co. that are all heirloom varieties, and non GMO. There are a multitude of heirlooms that can be cultivated easily, depending on the natural environment. For a beginner gardener, we suggest starting with beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Beans are extremely easy to grow due to their high tolerance of both hot and cold weather. We have a multitude of various beans you can choose to try, like Yard Long, Pinto, Topchop, Golden Wax Improved, and Contender Beans—just to name a few!

Cucumbers are also easy to grow and harvest, and mature much quicker than most melons. You can find different types of cucumbers in our Brim Seed Co. display of heirloom seeds, including Armenian White, National Pickling Improved, and Lemon Cucumbers.

Heirloom tomatoes are by far the most popular type of heirloom vegetable. At Farmview Market, we carry over eight different types of heirloom tomato seeds. For a unique tomato harvest this season, try planting varieties such as Red Cherry, Brandywine, Chadwick Cherry, Porter, Principe Borghese, Roma, or Tomatillo Tomatoes.

heirloom seeds

With heirloom vegetables, you can create some of the best tasting homemade salsas, sauces, and salads. In addition to a great assortment of seedlings for heirloom vegetables, Brim Seed Co. has also supplied us with a few different types of heirloom herbs and flowers! So, the next time you’re shopping at Farmview Market, take a look at our various heirloom seeds to create the perfect garden to suit your palette!