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Harrison Family Farm: A Legacy in Chow-Chow


chow-chowHave you ever wondered what food must have tasted like in the 19th century? Now, with Harrison Family Farm, you can sample a 200-year-old recipe for a Southern delicacy known as chow-chow. For those of you not raised in the south, chow-chow is a southern relish that has been traditionally used on dry beans and canned vegetables to add more flavor. It is a product that rose out of necessity and the need to use all available resources.

After harvesting their gardens, people would can leftover vegetables, like onions, green peppers, cabbage, and green tomatoes. To help them keep during the winter months, they would add cider vinegar and spices as preservatives. The result is a crisp, delicious relish that’s chock full of flavor and nutrients from the fresh vegetables.

harrison family farmHarrison Family Farm is a local farm with ties to Newton and Jasper County. In fact, their extended family, the Kellys, settled part of the land that is now the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. The Harrisons have a booming business producing and bottling vinaigrettes, dry rubs, and chow-chow, using ingredients grown on their farm.

The Harrison's recipe for their chow-chow comes from Mrs. Marion Kelly Fears. Mrs. Fears was the matriarch of the Kelly family almost 200 years ago and it’s safe to say that her chow-chow recipe is one for the books. Their chow-chow is made using the exact same method Mrs. Fears used and they use all of the same ingredients. And, you can be sure that every vegetable was handpicked on the Harrison Family Farm! While most people still use chow-chow as an accompaniment for beans and vegetables, the Harrisons are all about taking old things and making them new again. They recommend trying chow-chow on burgers, hot dogs, and even salsa. Or, try putting chow-chow over a block of cream cheese for an easy and delicious appetizer!

chow-chowAnd don’t forget about the Harrison Family Farm’s other delicious products. They reinvented the vinaigrette along with their delicious chow-chow. Harrison Family Farm currently makes six different varieties of vinaigrette, Meyer lemon, sun-dried tomato, strawberry, peach, blueberry, and sweet Vidalia onion. They take Modena vinegar and use Georgia grown produce, like their very own strawberries, blueberries, and peaches, to create these delicious vinaigrettes! You can find all of these products at Farmview Market and in our Farmview café.

Head down to Farmview Market and sample a taste of history. Pick up a chow-chow that is 200 years in the making and try one of the 6 varieties of vinaigrettes. You can even take home Harrison Family Farm’s Sweet Jasper Heat dry rub for your next BBQ. It’s history in the making, folks!