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Farmer Profile: Belly Acres Farm


belly acres farmBelly aching, by definition, describes frequent and persistent complaining. But, drive out to Belly Acres Farm Farm and you’ll see there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. Stephen Dobek’s project, which started when a group of friends came together to discuss better ways to grow food, has blossomed into a full-fledged farming operation. And, we’re proud to say, Belly Acres is also one of Farmview Market’s local supplier partners. Dobek grows organic vegetables that are absolutely delicious! We had the opportunity to visit his farm recently and get an inside peak at his approach to farming. We also had a little fun teasing him about his farm’s name, though we absolutely LOVE it!

belly acres farmSpeaking of its unusual name, we asked Dobek where the name actually came from. He and his friends had been discussing starting a farm, where they could put their farming skills to good use. As they planned, they began spit-balling names for the project. After much grumbling over the choices, someone suggested they quit their “belly aching” and a farm was christened. Dobek says the name is light-hearted and memorable, not “mushy-gushy” like some other farms.

belly acres farmWhile the name of the farm is unusual, Dobek’s approach to his work is anything but. He believes in using natural, organic farming skills, like using natural pesticides, because that’s how he learned to farm. He began about four years ago and officially opened Belly Acres in October 2015. Belly Acres is a one-man farm and Dobek’s pride for his work is obvious. He’s just planted some delicious varieties of winter and summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, and squash blossoms and claims, “I don’t sell food I wouldn’t eat.”

belly acres farmDobek is also a great supporter of community outreach and education. He wants his farm to become the model that others can adopt and try out for themselves. In fact, he equates his adventures to “feeling your way in the dark.” Once, during a particularly hot summer day, he learned he “needed strong fences.” One of his cows became spooked and managed to squeeze through a barbed wire fence! Dobek and his crew spent eight hours wrangling the crazy cow back to her pen. Despite some hilarious set-backs, Dobek insists that with pure dedication and continuous learning, Belly Acres will flourish. He hopes for berry patches and bee hives, in the near future.

We are proud to work with Stephen and Belly Acres farms. His commitment to all-natural farming and teaching communities to support local agriculture is commendable. And, his produce is some of the best in the state. Come by Farmview Market for your fix of Belly Acres produce. You won’t leave disappointed, we promise you that!

Interested in learning more? Click below for our exclusive video interview with Stephen and for an insider's look at Belly Acres Farm!