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Summer Garden Project: DIY Edible Window Box Planter


While we love nothing more than a good, old-fashioned garden, sometimes you just don’t have room. Whether you rent your home or have an apartment, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of gardening without needing a lot of yard space. How? By creating your very own DIY Edible Window Box! You only need three materials and you’re on your way to having fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit conveniently located within arm's reach!

DIY Edible Window Box

Materials needed:

  • 3 – 1×8 boards, cut to desired length (for example, the width of your window)

  • 2 – 1×6 boards, cut to 7-1/16” (the true width of a 1×8 board)

  • 2” exterior decking screws

Step 1:

Attach corners of front board to bottom board. Cedar planks come with one side smoother than the other. Out of your three window-width-cut boards, choose the one you want on the front of your box and hold it upright. Lay another board, smooth-side-down, next to this one to form an “L” shape. Check for alignment on both ends. At the bottom of your box-front board (and, thus, through the side of the bottom board), predrill about 2” in from the board end. Put in a screw. Do the same on the other end.

DIY Edible Window BoxStep 2:

Secure front and bottom board attachment with more screws. Flip the L-shaped boards over (to form a tent) and continue screwing the two boards together. Place a screw about every 6”-8” apart.

DIY Edible Window BoxStep 3:

Attach back plank. Repeat these steps to attach the back plank to your bottom board. Because the interior face of the back plank is the one that will be seen in your window box (the top few inches, anyway), make sure the smooth side is facing the inside of the box. In other words, the smooth faces of both your front and back boards should face the same direction. Predrill and insert your two corner screws of your back plank, then complete the attachment with additional screws.

DIY Edible Window Box

Step 4:

Position the sides. Position a 1×6 side piece where you want it in your box. The example shows the sides inset about ½”.

DIY Edible Window Box

Step 5:

Attach side piece to bottom of box. Holding the side piece in place, predrill then screw through the bottom plank into the side piece. If your cedar is a bit warped, this will help to pull things more squarely into place before you attach the sides.

DIY Edible Window Box

Step 6:

Secure sides completely. Predrill, then screw into the holes to attach the side piece to the front and back boards. Tip: Predrilling is almost always necessary for preventing or minimizing splitting the wood when you’re working closely to the end of a plank.

DIY Edible Window Box

Once you’ve properly secured your new window box, you can begin your planting! We love the idea of an herb garden close to our kitchens. Mint, parsley, rosemary, and oregano are all excellent window box growers. But, what about planting vegetables or fruits? Try small cucumbers, strawberries, leaf lettuce, and spinach.

DIY Edible Window Box

You can even add edible flowers! Try planting marigolds, pansies, or roses for a gorgeous window box display and an even more beautiful summer salad.  If you still have some questions or are unsure what exactly to plant, visit Farmview! We have a huge selection of seeds and an answer almost any question you have about when to plant and when to harvest.

Get started today on your brand new DIY Edible Window Box garden! Fill your home with the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs even if you don’t have your own backyard.